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Community Support

Plans for making Palo Alto a fair city for everyone

We are proud to have the support of many community members and organizations.

*** Please note that this page is in the process of being updated from 2020 to 2022. We apologize if this causes any confusion. Rebecca's website is not actually fully "launched" yet - but she is working on it as hard and fast as she can!***


"I have known Rebecca Eisenberg for 20 years as a fellow parent, writer and advocate for families and people with disabilities. Not only does Rebecca have courage and integrity, she gets things done. I often say that if someone wants something accomplished, they should ask Rebecca. Palo Alto deserves her leadership."

- Jill Hoffspiegel Asher, Founder of the Magical Bridge Playground
"Rebecca is a skillful leader who brings fresh perspective and strategic insight on behalf of Palo Alto citizens and families." - Stanford University Professor Adina Sterling
"Rebecca’s positions hit every single one of the issues I am seriously concerned about for Palo Alto and also for our neighboring communities. I find this to be remarkable in a candidate and thrilling. I wholeheartedly support her." - Deborah Rose, Physician
"She’s for affordable housing and has kids in PAUSD. She’s a lawyer who knows how to fight for the rights of Palo Alto citizens." - Nancy Bain, Teacher
"Rebecca's commitment to social justice and economic justice in Palo Alto is commendable as is her strong industry & legal experience. She and I have spoken about her vision for our city and many of our disappointment with the inability of the current city council to step up to the needs of this unique moment. We need City Council members who have a strong progressive vision for the city - I am happy to endorse Rebecca for this position."

- Radhika Shah, Human Rights Advocate, Co-President at Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs
"I appreciate that Rebecca supports more protected bike lanes in Palo Alto. 48% of all trips in urban metro areas are 3 miles or less and yet half of all Americans do not feel comfortable sharing the road with cars." - Justine Burt, Founder and CEO of Appraccel, Author of The Great Pivot
"Rebecca is smart, has amazing ideas for making the lives of citizens better, and the ability and know-how to make those ideas a reality." - Chia-Lin Simmons, Tech Maven
"Rebecca always speaks out at City Council meetings. I also like the idea of having a council member who is not from the wealthy class of Palo Alto (Rebecca rents her home). I also like Rebecca's idea of shedding more light on how the city council makes its decisions through publicly funding elections - no other city council candidate advocates for that." - Vineet Gupta, Software Engineer
"I've known Rebecca my entire adult life and she's unwavering in her ethics, values, intelligence and commitment to serving those not served by the system. She's whip-smart and the best advocate I can imagine!" - Diane Tate, Program Manager
"She will act directly and efficiently on Palo Altans' concerns, instead of dancing around the edges of them. Her no-nonsense and can-do style is needed on City Council."

- Sara Ranck, Homemaker

Organizations that endorsed Rebecca in her 2020 run for Palo Alto City Council:
(please note: Rebecca is in the beginning of the endorsement process for her current 2022 race
and cannot promise that any of these 2020 endorsers will endorse her in 2022.

Community leaders who support Rebecca:

Community members who support Rebecca

  • Scott O'Neil
  • Sam Kim
  • Jingjing Xu
  • Mary Gallagher
  • Jessica Hyde
  • Mudita Jain
  • Rebecca White
  • Chia-Lin Simmons
  • Alix Rosenthal
  • Vineet Gupta
  • Kerry Yarkin
  • Joy Sleizer
  • Joe Rolfe
  • Ozzie Aery Fallick
  • Stephen Rosenblum
  • Deborah Rose
  • Joyce Beattie
  • Dave Jefferson
  • Celeste Bates
  • Arushi Gupta
  • Linda Lopez Otero
  • Bill Cane
  • Adolfo Lopez Otero
  • Rosalinda Quintanar
  • Marni Barnes
  • Rebecca Geraldi
  • Jennifer Landesmann
  • Juli Kirkpatrick
  • Jason Rabbitt-Tomita
  • Giselle Galper
  • Kamal Ardeshna
  • Sampath Srinivas
  • Joy Chen
  • Jeannet Kiessling
  • Timothy Groves
  • Kristina Vetter
  • Camille Watson
  • Sara Ranck
  • S.V. Vasudevan
  • Kate Gibson
  • Madhumita Gupta
  • Robert Vetter
  • Emma Scott
  • Curtis Smolar
  • Michael McQuaid
  • Bevan Dufty
  • Mark Weiss
  • Chris Robell
  • Mary Robell
  • Dwight Howard
  • Anjali Ramanathan
  • Nancy Bain
  • Joel Davidson
  • Barry Rose
  • Adam Shidler
  • Jessica Oakson Clark
  • Walter Bliss
  • Muzz White
  • Demece Garepis
  • Steve Rosenblum
  • Ruth Chippendale
  • Paul Bundy
  • Diane Tate
  • Jeanette Revela
  • Matthew Greenberg
  • Aleksandar Totic
  • Monisha Bhutani
  • Melissa Henderson
  • Dhara Yu
  • Thomas Shannon
  • Mary Slocum
  • Bonnie Cegielski
  • Paul Cegielski
  • Aishetu Dozie
  • Rajesh Mashruwala
  • Bernard von Bothmer

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