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About Rebecca

A Bay Area resident since 1986, Rebecca has deep ties to Stanford and Silicon Valley. Her career has spanned decades and roles. Over the years, Rebecca has worked as corporate attorney, financial journalist, start-up executive, community volunteer, and social activist. 

Rebecca holds degrees in Decision Sciences from Stanford University, where she graduated with Honors and Phi Beta Kappa, and law from Harvard Law School, where she served as an editor of the Harvard Law Review.

As an attorney, Rebecca served as General Counsel of 8 technology companies, including Trulia, AdBrite, Flip Video, Vouch Financial, and Reddit. At Flip Video, she handled the sale of the company to Cisco, and at PayPal, she second-chaired the successful IPO. 

As a financial journalist and columnist, Rebecca wrote about technology culture and business trends from the Internet industry’s earliest days in the mid-1990’s. She penned weekly columns in the Sunday SF Chronicle/Examiner’s Business section (“NetSkink”), and in CBS MarketWatch (“Nouveau Geek”), and contributed dozens of articles regarding the intersection of technology, culture, and politics to magazines including Wired, Ms. Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Upside, The Red Herring, and Time Digital. Rebecca also worked as a TV commentator covering technology culture and politics for ZDTV’s Silicon Spin and PBS’s Internet Cafe.

Rebecca’s career as a start-up entrepreneur began in 1994, when she worked for some of the Bay Area’s earliest Internet companies. In addition to holding legal roles, she also headed up business development, finance, and/or Human Resources for several early-stage companies including Reddit. She also spent many years speaking on technology culture and politics, and advised numerous individuals and companies from the Olympics to magazine Yoga Journal.

Currently, Rebecca operates a boutique law firm part-time from her rental home in Old Palo Alto. Having spent decades working for corporate clients, Rebecca now devotes all of her work time to representing individuals in their negotiations with technology companies and other employers, primarily involving compensation. 

Rebecca is an active volunteer with her children’s PTAs, and in 2020, she received a Service Appreciation Award in recognition of her service to the Greene Middle School community. Rebecca also has served on the board of directors of several local nonprofit organizations, including the Craigslist Foundation. Almost 20 years ago, she founded a local organization for working mother attorneys, which has over 1,000 members.

Rebecca is also a member of the current class of Emerge California, an organization she has supported since its founding in 2002. Through Emerge, The National Organization for Women Legal Defense and Education Fund (Legal Momentum), where she served as a National Board Director, and other women’s rights and civil rights organizations, Rebecca has battled institutionalized discrimination for decades - her work in academia and activism has contributed to the passage of the Defense of Clinics Act and the Violence Against Women Act. She also helped defeat local and state initiatives aimed at banning same sex marriage and restricting access to family planning. Rebecca has written and spoken on matters of equal opportunity and financial fairness both locally and internationally. She was an active volunteer focused on Voter Protection for the 2020 presidential campaign of Senator Elizabeth Warren - Senator Warren was also her law school professor and mentor.

Most of all, Rebecca is a neighbor, wife, and mother. She has two teenage children, both of whom attended or are attending Palo Alto public schools - her husband, Curtis, is a startup legal executive and a former member of the Palo Alto Little League Board. She is an avid runner and walker, and loves to explore all corners of Palo Alto by foot, usually listening to audio books by NK Jemisin or Octavia Butler. A lifelong vegetarian, Rebecca loves animals, and her family shares their home with both a rescue dog and a rescue cat.